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Are you going to eat that?

Here are a couple of cartoons that involve the phrase "going to:"

The full caption reads: "I got my ticket for three dollars over the internet. Are you going to eat that salmon?"

Caption: "Once again I'm asking you. How are we going to make our getaway?"

In cartoon #1 it might be fun to play with making up similar explanations for unusual moments. For example, you could write the following on the board:

I got ______object_________ for ____cost______ _______where__________.

this scarf free from a homeless guy

my dog nothing from the pound

this pie 50 cents at the supermarket

my porche $3,000 online

Also - what's the difference between "over the internet" and "on the internet?" Why don't we say "at the internet" or "from the internet or even "in the internet?"

Interestingly, it depends on how we see things spatially. We say "in a book" or "in a magazine" because we envision books as "containers" of knowledge and information, while TV and internet we see as making a connection directly with our eyes and minds.

"Over" is another interesting preposition - I imagine it as an arc or bridge from one place to another.

Here are more sentences with "over" that could apply to this cartoon:

The man was overjoyed to be in first class.

The plane is flying over the ocean.

Hand over the salmon please!

Last but not least, lets explore the phrase "going to." Why doesn't "will" fit here? Why might "planning to" be a better synonym?

Contrast this with the second cartoon. How does "going to" emphasize the immediacy of the problem and the lack of preparedness?


And one more cartoon to think about...

"Nice try, Mom, but I'm going to go with a caterer."

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