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Tap Sheets - ESL

I love this idea: empower students to speak and read and form sentences all through the power of touch.

Here's the gist: Take a short dialogue between two people that you would like to teach. Place each word in a text box and scatter them around a word document. Don't forget to include capitalization and punctuation.

During class, pair the students. As the students say the dialogue, they must also tap on the words in the correct order, and include punctuation at the end of the sentence. The see the word (visual), hear the word (auditory), and touch the word (kinesthetic). All this aids in memorization.

Additionally, you can use a foldable to scaffold writing what they just spoke. Write the short dialogue with a word or two missing at the top of a piece of paper. Repeat the sentence with more words missing farther down the paper. Continue repeating the dialogue in writing with more words missing, until all that is left are blanks in the final section. Fold the paper like a fan, and have the students practice writing the dialogue until they can write it from memory.

I got this idea from a wonderful website: by Nancy Callan. Check it out!

Download PDF • 26KB

Tap sheet name writing
Download PDF • 26KB

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