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Let's get this OVER with #2

I've been wondering about the different senses of OVER an how they all fit together. Look at these different senses of the phrasal verb BE OVER:

  1. Where is Joe? - He's over at his friend's house.

  2. I've been promoted. I'm now over the whole company.

  3. The break-up was rough for awhile. But I'm over it now.

  4. It took me a week, but I'm now over the flu.

  5. When the movie is over I will come home.

  6. The scarf is over her shoulders.

  7. I can't focus very well. My mind is all over the place today.

Are there any patterns?

I returned to my trusty spatial primitives: PATH, CONTAINER, OBJECT, SURFACE, UP-DOWN AXIS etc. Here's what I came up with:

It's not perfect, so I'm attaching a copy of the powerpoint so that you can adapt it for your own classroom. Enjoy!

Download PPTX • 6.53MB

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